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  • Alexis White

    Alexis White
    Quilt-embossed leatherette with chrome accents

  • Alisa Cream

    Alisa Cream
    Hand carved, translucent alabaster, made in Italy

  • Alisa White

    Alisa White
    Hand carved, translucent alabaster, made in Italy

  • Ambarino

    Hand carved, translucent amber onyx from Mexico

  • Sale Antico

    Cast pewter with antique mirrors, made in Italy

    Now 20% Off

  • Sale Aqua Bolla

    Aqua Bolla
    Mouth-blown laboratory glass, handcrafted in Italy

    Now 20% Off

  • Sale Aqua Corda

    Aqua Corda
    Mouth-blown glass with delicate cord detailing from Italy

    Now 20% Off

  • Sale Aqua Puntino

    Aqua Puntino
    Hand-decorated, mouth-blown laboratory glass from Italy

    Now 50% Off

  • Arcadia Gold

    Arcadia Gold
    Sparkling mirrored accessories with burnished gold frames

  • Arcadia Ivory

    Arcadia Ivory
    Antique ivory accessories from Peru, hand-fitted with mirrors

  • Arcadia Silver

    Arcadia Silver
    From Peru - burnished silver wood frames set with mirrors

  • Sale Argento Silver

    Argento Silver
    Silver art glass, pieced by hand on enameled wood

    Now 50% Off